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Give Thanks, Give a Card, Support Our Troops [40 PICS]

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Thanksgiving is a great time to list out the things for which we are grateful. One of the reasons the pilgrims came to America was to have freedom. As families gather together to give thanks on Thanksgiving or see each other on Christmas, some deployed soldiers are apart from their families to ensure our freedom and protect the security of America. Even if you never see the men and women in the military, they are heroes. It is hard to be away from loved ones and family over the holidays, so if you enjoy random acts of kindness, then wouldn’t it feel great to send a smile, a little bit of cheer over the holiday season? It is a perfect time to say thank you by letting soldiers and veterans know that we appreciate them. When it comes to giving, you may be surprised how often the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard help out Santa Claus. Here’s a list of ways you can help support our troops and a look back at how some of our service men and women celebrated the holiday season in years past. [40 Photos]

Operation Enduring Freedom Afgahanistan wilderness holiday greetings

Wilderness holiday greetings from the U.S. military to us. Would you consider sending a holiday card back? Holiday Mail for Heroes: If you are looking for ways to support, honor or lift the morale of U.S. military service members and veterans who protect our security and freedom, then the Red Cross is currently accepting holiday cards. Once signed and scanned for safety, Red Cross volunteers will sort and deliver them to service members, veterans and their families across the country and around the world. Cards must be postmarked by Friday, December 7. If you see this at another time and wish to honor or thank our soldiers, there is a long list of organizations that send Cards, Letters, Gifts, and Care Packages to our troops and wounded veterans. Photo #1 by Heidi’s mom

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Thanksgiving: Food for Thought . . . ’cause that’s all some folks have [35 PICS]

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Food for thought . . . because that’s all some folks have. Somewhere in the war between the 1% and the 99% are The Forgotten, The Invisible, the Homeless and Hungry with no hope. So while you are preparing for Thanksgiving (or any time) could you not buy a little extra to donate to a food pantry, a soup kitchen? You won’t be sorry; those little random acts of kindness will give you a warm fuzzy glow inside. If you don’t have the time around a holiday to help out at a soup kitchen, and you don’t have the money to help, chew on these images as food for thought because thoughts, regrets and broken dreams are all some folks will feast on this Thanksgiving. This may be hard to look at? Be thankful for all that you do have. [35 Photos]
This one is for you, Mich.

Where Have All the Good Times Gone

Where Have All the Good Times Gone? Photo #1 by Noel Feans

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