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Thanksgiving: Food for Thought . . . ’cause that’s all some folks have [35 PICS]

November 18th, 2011 Permalink

Food for thought . . . because that’s all some folks have. Somewhere in the war between the 1% and the 99% are The Forgotten, The Invisible, the Homeless and Hungry with no hope. So while you are preparing for Thanksgiving (or any time) could you not buy a little extra to donate to a food pantry, a soup kitchen? You won’t be sorry; those little random acts of kindness will give you a warm fuzzy glow inside. If you don’t have the time around a holiday to help out at a soup kitchen, and you don’t have the money to help, chew on these images as food for thought because thoughts, regrets and broken dreams are all some folks will feast on this Thanksgiving. This may be hard to look at? Be thankful for all that you do have. [35 Photos]
This one is for you, Mich.

Where Have All the Good Times Gone

Where Have All the Good Times Gone? Photo #1 by Noel Feans

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