Tribute to Moms & The Things They Say: 53 Loving Mother and Baby Animal Photos

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You wouldn’t trade your mom cause there is nothing like a mother’s love . . . but do you remember some of the things she used to say as you were growing up? The type of things you swore that you’d never say to your kids? Moms are often overworked, under-appreciated, and at some point . . . finds herself saying things that her mother used to say. This seems to pass down from generation to generation, but despite the silly things that stressed out moms say, there is no one on Earth who will ever love you as unconditionally as your mother does. The number one thing all mothers say to their children is: I Love You! This is a tribute to moms for Mother’s Day! [53 Photos]

Baby hippo telling mom a story

“Mom!” When a child is born, a mom is the baby’s whole world. By the time you grow up and move away, you are your mother’s whole world. Photo #1 by Alpha Coders

Mom, he's touching me! Mom hippo with two babies

Kid: “Mom, he’s touching me!” Or “Mom, she’s looking at me!” Photo #2 by Michael Gottschalk via Animal Picture

A mother cheetah and cubs in the Masai Mara, Kenya

Everyone knows that if you mess with a mom’s kids, she is gonna mess you up. But most of us have heard the little sayings that moms say to kids. You’re sure you’ll never say such silly things, but when the kid becomes the mom, then she says those same sayings to her kids. It must be a mom thing. Photo #3 by Eberhard Brunner via Bit of Fun

Mom cat kissing her kitten goodnight

Mom cat kissing her kitten goodnight. One on one, the moments between mom and child can be utterly sweet. Photo #4 via StartPoint

Twin pandas jumping on mom

Trying to raise twins is a bit more challenging. No such thing as sleeping in when the little ones awaken. They insure it’s time to get up. Photo #5 by kumachii

Mother dog overwhelmed by pack of hungry pups

Babysitter wanted. Photo #6 by Atchoo420

Mom giraffe teaching her son to eat his veggies

She teaches all the important things like this mom giraffe teaching her son to eat his veggies. Photo #7 by patries71

Mom kissing her baby giraffe at the Memphis Zoo

She gives her baby a kiss and sees her child off to his/her first day of school. Photo #8 by Memphis CVB

Mom carries her little one when baby is too young, or too tired, to walk. Hitching a ride on mom gives monkey on your back a new meaning. Photo #9 by Amolife

Mom elephant giving baby piggyback ride in the water

In fact, mom does a lot of carrying. Mom elephant giving baby a piggyback ride in the water. Photo #10 by KVAL

Baby Giant Anteater piggyback riding mom

Baby Giant Anteater piggyback-riding mom. Photo #11 by Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Baby walrus on mom's back

Baby walrus on mom’s back. Photo #12 by lykee via naver

Foal urging moma horse to get up and play

There’s not much kick-back-and-relax time for mom. Foal urging momma horse to get up and play. Photo #13 via PicPetz

Overworked Mom possum, babysitter wanted

Overworked mom possum, babysitter still wanted. Mom to kids: “I’m going to give you until the count of three… 1.. 2.. 2 and a half… 2 and three quarters.” Photo #14 via O Blog do Dandan

Twin tigers jumping on mom

Twin tigers jumping on mom, but most moms don’t complain. You can expect mom to say things like “No jumping on the bed (couch, seat).” Photo #15 by Tambako the Jaguar

Don't lick me like that mom

“Don’t lick me like that, Mom!” But mom keeps her kids clean and teaches you to “always wear clean underwear in case you get in an accident.” Photo #16 by Tambako the Jaguar

Mama Jaguar gives her child a stern lecture

Mama Jaguar gives her child a stern lecture not to talk to strangers. Oh, and never take candy or rides from strangers. “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out of it!” Photo #17 by Nathan Rupert

Frisky foal playing with mom

“Don’t ever run with scissors.” Photo #18 by Dave Morris

Orangutan mom with baby

“Don’t forget to brush your hair.” Photo #19 by Valerie

Wolf cubs kissing mom

“Always brush your teeth after meals.” Photo #20 via My Opera

Fox and babies at feeding time

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Photo #21 by Pat Gaines

Mom loving on her baby sealion

Believe in random acts of kindness and pay them forward as often as you can. Photo #22 via Kidztrainer

Piglet at mom's ear saying psst are you awake

Piglet at mom’s ear saying, “Psst, are you awake?” Mom: “Close the door! You weren’t born in a barn!” Oh wait . . . Photo #23 by Anguskirk

Mom and baby monkeys in the water

Mom’s list of don’ts: “Don’t sit too close to the TV, you’ll ruin your eyes!” “Don’t leave the lights (TV, PC) on! Do you think I own the electric company?” or “Don’t go out with a wet head, you’ll catch cold.” And “Don’t make me come in there!” Photo #24 via SkinTech @ Cool Wallpapers

Dromedary Mom and baby camel

“Always say please and thank you. And if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Photo #25 by Guerrilla Wallpapers

Brown-throated, Three-toed Sloth with Baby

Moms do their best to teach kids and hope it sinks in. Photo #26 via Happy Jack / Pixdaus

Bison Mother and Calf

Mom: “Go outside and play.” Child: “But, Mom, I’m bored!” Mom: “Bored! How can you be bored? I was never bored at your age.” Photo #27 by Dick Forehand / NFW

Mom and baby wildboar

“The lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to transform herself back from an ogre to a saint,” ~ quote by James Fenton. Photo #28 via photoartguy

Mom always knows what's best

Mom always knows what’s best. “Don’t ever steal, cheat or lie.” Child: “Why?” Mom: “Because I said so.” Photo #29 by Jack (jmtimages)

Tender moment with mom and baby dolphin

Mom: “I don’t care what ‘everyone’ is doing. I care what YOU are doing! If your friends all jumped in the lake, would you?” Photo #30 by *BetüL*

Mother's love mom and baby turtles

“Slow and steady wins the race, child.” Photo #31 by Amel

Baby koala kissing mom

“Always kiss me goodnight and then say your prayers.” Photo #32 by Amanda Scheliga

Baby gorilla sleeping on mom's back

Baby gorilla sleeping on mom’s back, cause mom says to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Photo #33 by bartdubelaar

Mom must be ready to feed her babies at a moment's notice

Smart moms pack a snack, in case the pack gets hungry, but she also reminds you to go to the bathroom before you leave for an outing. Photo #34 by NauruNappula

Mother sea lion and pup love

Child: “Hey mom, I got you a card for Mother’s Day!” Mom: “Aww give me a hug and I love you!” Photo #35 by Lieutenant Elizabeth Crapo, NOAA Corps

Funniest Mother's Day Card ever

Funniest Mother’s Day Card ever. Photo #36 by angelbear

Moma lion and her cubs

Nah, just joking . . . a mom wouldn’t trade it for the world. There’s nothing like a mother’s love. Photo #37 via CenterBlog by emmafabien5

Mom, moom, mooom, moooom

Kids: “Mom, moom, mooom, moooom.” Mom: “If I’ve told you once … I’ve told you a thousand times, I don’t buy snacks to feed the neighborhood!” Photo #38 by kumachii

Baby snow leopard playing with mom

Mom snow leopard: “You are getting on my last nerve.” Photo #39 by Tambako the Jaguar

Mom & Me

Mom & Me. Sweet now, but at some point you’ve likely heard Mom say, “Do I look like a maid? Or “do you think I’m made of money?” Photo #40 by Vinoth Chandar

Mom feeding on the go

Mom feeding on the go. Photo #41 by Trey Ratcliff

Lion cub giving mom some love

Lion cub giving mom some love after mom said, “Just wait until your father gets home!” Photo #42 by free-hdwallpapers

Monkey baby riding its mom

“Don’t make me stop this car!” Photo #43 by ff137

Mom elephant cuddling baby

“You’re going to put your eye out with that thing!” Mom also teaches that you must learn to share and to take turns. Photo #44 by Leen van Yperen

Mom Taxi

At first mom is a taxi. Years later she says, “I’m not running a taxi service.” Photo #45 by NoIdentity

Rhino baby saying get up mom, it's time to play

Rhino baby saying, “Get up, Mom; it’s time to play. Photo #46 via charioteers

Mother and Baby Chimp

“You never realize how much your mother loves you till you explore the attic – and find every letter you ever sent her, every finger painting, clay pot, bead necklace, Easter chicken, cardboard Santa Claus, paper lace Mother’s Day card and school report since day one,” ~ quote by Pam Brown. Photo #47 by Lon Martin

Tiger mom and child having a loving moment

Tiger mom and child having a loving moment. Photo #48 by Tambako the Jaguar

Mother bear and baby bear, Give me a kiss

Give me a kiss. There comes a day in most mothers’ lives when they realize: “Mirror, mirror on the wall; I am my mother after all.” Eek! Photo #49 via Animal Zoo

Moma swan and baby

A mom might say, “A little birdie told me so,” when she knows something you haven’t told her yet. Photo #50 via free-hdwallpapers

Golden retriever and newborn puppies, a mother's love

“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible,” ~ quote by unknown. Photo #51 by Alland Dharmawan

Japanese Macque mother

Sweet loving moment between Japanese Macque mother and baby. A mother’s love . . . there is nothing else like it in the world. Photo #52 by Masashi Mochida

Kitten giving moma cat a kiss

Kitten giving momma cat a kiss. As kids we know that the best medicine in the world is a mother’s kiss. As a mother we know, a child’s kiss or even laugh is the best medicine for us. Tell your mom you love her! Photo #53 via Malgusto

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