Santa Paws: Dogs at Christmas [48 PICS]

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If you have a dog, then you know he or she is a loyal part of your family. When some folks deck the halls, they also deck their dogs in holiday accessories. Luckily, most of us have dogs that will do about anything for treats and possible Christmas gifts. Unlike the sometimes destructive cats vs. Christmas trees, most dog owners capture shots of their beloved pet being cute and sweet. These photographers share their descriptions and their cute doggies’ photos. [48 Photos]

Santa might be delayed this year

Santa might be delayed this year…. Photo #1 by

Santa paws and his trusty dogdeer

Merry Christmas and happy holidays. Photo #2 by Mitchel

Gracie, the festive Christmas puppy in Christmas lights

Gracie, the festive puppy. Photo #3 by life is good (pete)

Dog - Hey, they put somethin' on my head!  Cat - You'll get used to it

Dog: “Hey, they put somethin’ on my head!” Cat: “You’ll get used to it.” Photo #4 by Craig Howell

Merry English Mastiff Christmas

Merry Mastiff Christmas! Photo #5 by Code Poet

Casey in Santa cap

Casey in Santa cap. Photo #6 by JD Lasica

Christmas puppy

Christmas puppy. Photo #7 by Ian Muttoo

Christmas dogs helping untangle the lights

Christmas dogs helping untangle the lights. Photo #11 by KaleidoscopePhotos

Santa Lulu Reacts to Your Christmas Request with Alarm

Santa Lulu Reacts to Your Christmas Request with Alarm. Photo #12 by garlandcannon

Merry Woofmas!!!

Left: Mocha in front of the Dogs’ Tree. She can’t stop eyeing the candy canes. Mocha’s favorite food of the season. Other than everything at Christmas dinner. Right: Merry Woofmas!!! Photo #13 by geckoam & #14 by Joseph Vasquez

Rotties are big, mean, tough, guard dogs....or not

Rotties are big, mean, tough, guard dogs…or not. Photo #15 by Nora Arias Loftis

Reindane or Great Deer

Reindane or Great Deer? Regis the Great Dane tolerates this whole silly Christmas business. Photo #16 by Sheila Sund

Santa listening to wishes of dogs both naughty and nice

Santa listening to wishes of dogs both naughty and nice. Photo #17 by Mike Lawson & #18 by Mike Lawson

Whadda ya mean I'm in trouble?

Whadda ya mean I’m in trouble? Photo #19 by Vicky TH

Christmas guinea pig in a puppy tree

Pft. I don’t want a partridge! or a pear tree! I want a pig in a puppy tree! Photo #20 by Katherine McAdoo

Santa Claus Dogs

Reindeer poodle and Santa dog. Photo #21 by Vicki DeLoach & #22 by amy_b

sunshine was to help wrap the Christmas presents...she had better and more important things to do

Sunshine was to help wrap the presents…she had better and more important things to do. Photo #23 by shehan peruma

Merry Christmas Butters dog

Merry Christmas Butters. Photo #24 by Jodie Wilson

Santa's Reindeer dogs

Santa’s Reindeer dogs. Photo #25 by luckyno3 & #26 by elaine

Are these all for me

Are these all for me? Photo #27 by Derek Lang

Oh Tannenbaum

Oh Tannenbaum. Photo #28 by

Christmas dog elves

Left: Harry knows who’s been naughty. And he’s going to tell! Right: Baby, It’s Cold Outside…It really is! Larry’s all bundled up in his new winter coat, but he’s so chunky that even the large size barely wraps around him. Photo #30 by Mike Lawson & #31 by Faith Goble

Reindeer Basset Hound on Christmas Eve

Reindeer Basset Hound on Christmas Eve. Photo #32 by Justin Beckley

Bailey's Holiday Dreams

Bailey’s Holiday Dreams. Photo #33 by Chris Goldberg

Hanging out by the fire place

Hanging out by the fireplace. Photo #34 by Fernando

Happy Dogs loving their owners at Christmas

Left: I’ve been nice! Really, I have… Right: Lucy the resident Chiots LOVES wearing her reindeer antlers around on Christmas. Photo #35 by Stephanie & #36 by Chiot’s Run

seasons greetings from kimi

Seasons greetings from Kimi. Photo #36 by shehan peruma

Christmas Lab puppy

Christmas Lab puppy. Photo #37 by Nick Bair

Dogs with some Christmas spirit

Left: Stella. Right: Some Christmas Spirit. Photo #38 by Jim Pennucci & #39 by Adam Jensen

Merry Christmas from Santa paws

Merry Christmas from Santa paws. Photo #40 by Akane Yamada

Wee Westie Christmas

Wee Westie Christmas. Yoshi poses around the Christmas tree. He is really good around the presents and the tree. He knows what are his toys and what aren’t and he leaves the stuff alone. Photo #41 by Randy Robertson

I better get a treat for this

Dressed up and guarding the presents; I better get a treat for this. Photo #42 by Liz W & #43 by paradigm10

reindeer dreams :)

Reindeer dreams 🙂 Photo #44 by shehan peruma

Jingle Bells dog

♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ wow wow Jingle Bells. Photo #45 by jacinta lluch valero

Happy holidays

Left: Merry Freakin’ Christmas & Seasons Greeting! Right: Well where’s my present? Santa wants gifts too… Photo #46 by Kathy McLeod & #47 by Dylan Harries

Happy dog waiting for presents in the glow of Christmas tree lights

She looked so cute and the glow from the tree just set off her happy-go-lucky fun personality. She doesn’t care what the world throws at her as long as she can cuddle with one of us; she’s just happy being a dog. Photo #48 by GollyGforce

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