Monster Mash: Halloween ‘Lego’ Edition

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Some folks believe toys have a secret life that few are lucky enough to glimpse. So in a tongue-in-cheek, haunted Lego-esque Halloween edition, think “Monster Mash” private party full of Lego abominations, CClone, and Minifig guests. Some folks imagine these mini-figures dressing up in Halloween costumes to go trick-or-treating, to parties, or to haunted houses. These are some of the same people and photographers who dared to step outside the box and probably colored out of the lines as kids . . so in most cases the captions for their monster Lego creations are their own. We’re very grateful for these creative artists and photographers for their Dracula, werewolf, Frankenstein, mad scientist, headless horseman, mummies, zombies, witches, Grim Reapers, ninjas, executioners, Star Wars clones and skeletons. Welcome to the Lego Halloween Party . . . do the Monster Mash! [56 Cool ‘Lego’ Pics and 1 Lego Monster Mash Video]

Lego Halloween's Private Party

Halloween’s Private Party. Photo #1 by Pedro Vezini

All Hallows Eve

All Hallows Eve. Photo #2 by Jonathan_W

Lego Dracula

I Am The Monster That Breathing Men Would Kill! I Am Dracula! Photo #4 by Disney/Star Wars Fanatic

Lego werewolf, skeleton oi, come back with my arm

Oi, come back with my arm. Photo #6 by Johnson Cameraface

Lego Haunted House

Lego Haunted House created by Kenny Paul and featured at LEGO store in Valley Fair Mall, Santa Clara, CA. There are kids dressed in costume lined up outside, and a spooky graveyard in the yard. Lots of great details – check the pics closely. Photo #7 by Bill Ward

Lego Haunted House Details: Anticipation

Lego Haunted House Details: Anticipation. Costumed minifigs wait outside the haunted house Photo #8 by Bill Ward

Haunted House Details De-Briefing

Haunted House Details: De-Briefing. Kids talk about what they saw in there. Photo #9 by Bill Ward

Lego Haunted House from above

Lego Haunted House Details: View from Above. View from above of graveyard, tree, and entrance to haunted house. Photo #10 by Bill Ward

aural vampire tribute Halloween photo-fest

Aural vampire tribute Halloween photo-fest! Photo #11 by Johnson Cameraface

Headless horseman (Lego Abominations)

Headless horseman (Lego Abominations). Photo #12 by Windell Oskay

Bride Of Frankenstein

Bride Of Frankenstein. Photo #15 by Alan (Kaptain Kobold)

Count Von Lego Dracula's victims

Ah, ah, ah. Von Victim! Two Victims! Photo #16 by Neil Crosby

I can't see anything in this helmet CClones

I can’t see anything in this helmet. Photo #17 by Kristine Alexanderson

Lego Apple Bobbing

Apple Bobbing: “I’m sorry, vampires must remove their fangs before playing the game!” Photo #18 by Pascal

Werewolf Minifigures

Werewolf howling at a Halloween moon. Photo #19 by Mehdi Drouillon – PhotoBlog

the skeletons of spook castle

The skeletons of spook castle. Photo #20 by Johnson Cameraface

Evil Plans

Plotting Evil Plans. “I am sure this book as enough ideas for all of us to do something original…” Photo #22 by Jonathan_W

The short-legged Frankenstein meets the Clones

The short-legged Frankenstein meets the Clones. Photo #23 by Kristine Alexanderson

Lego Hollywood monsters

Hollywood monsters. Photo #24 by Jasonwg

Lego Dr. Frankenstein

Open Wide Now! Let’s Give Those Teeth A Look! Dr. Frankenstein originally had a job as a dentist. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long. Photo #25 by Disney/Star Wars Fanatic

Lego Pumpkin carving

Lego Pumpkin carving. Photo #26 by Kenny Louie

LEGO The Death Eater & His Inferi

The Death Eater & His Inferi. Photo #27 by Pedro Vezini

Chef in Danger - Halloween Special

Chef in Danger – Halloween Special. Photo #28 by Nicola Jones

Lego Let's trick-or-treat

“Hello Boys.” Let’s trick-or-treat! Photo #29 by Boyce Duprey

Everyone agreed the Bob's Halloween costume was full of WIN

Everyone agreed the Bob’s Halloween costume was full of WIN. Photo #30 by Johnny Worthington

Spooky Lego

Spooky Lego. Photo #31 by d.loop

Lego lineup on Halloween The Usual Suspects

Lineup on Halloween: The Usual Suspects. Photo #32 by Tim Kirman

I'll haunt your dreams

I’ll haunt your dreams. Photo #33 by Corey Harris

A Lego Halloween party

A Lego Halloween party. Photo #34 by Ayleen Gaspar

Buffy kicking Lego butt in the cemetery

Buffy kicking Lego butt in the cemetery! Photo #35 by Ayleen Gaspar

LEGO executioner at dawn

Give treats instead of being tricked by the Executioner. Photo #37 by Johnson Cameraface

Lego The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper – The personification of death: carrying a scythe and wearing a midnight black gown. Photo #38 by Helico

The Haunted Wood

The Haunted Wood. Photo #39 by Regonold

When Lego Ninja Attack

Some kids really get into their roles and costumes: When Lego Ninjas Attack. Photo #40 by Neil Crosby

dressed up and their halloween toys - so, we'll call it a draw

All dressed up, sugar-hyped up on candy and battling with their halloween toys. “So, we’ll call it a draw?” Photo #41 by Johnson Cameraface

The Fifth Rider (Spooky Light) - entry for the Dem Bones Haunted Halloween Contest

Behold, the lesser known Fifth Rider of the Apawkalips! He goes by the name of Stupidity, and he will turn a third of the population of the world into zombies, looking for brainnnnz! Entry for the Dem Bones Haunted Halloween Contest on MOCpages. Photo #42 by Pascal

Lego stretcher

It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Epic battle of toy swords goes too far. Photo #44 by jonathanb1989

Adventurers Halloween Party on a Tomb ~ Guess the guests in costume

Adventurers’ Halloween Party on a Tomb ~ Guess the guests in costume. Photo #46 by Bricknave

Lego Dr. Wulfenstein

Dr. Wulfenstein, a brilliant geneticist and an associate of Dr. Frankenstein, tries to create a Wolf-Women bride for himself. Photo #48 by Bricknave

Lego Demons

Seven demons who brings chaos and destruction through the empire on all Hallow’s Eve. Photo #49 by Magnus the Great

Get Off'n Mah Property! Old Bubba Johnson didn't understand Halloween very well, often mistaking 'trick or treaters' for trespassers

“Get Off’n Mah Property!” Old Bubba Johnson didn’t understand Halloween very well, often mistaking ‘trick or treaters’ for trespassers. Photo #50 by Disney/Star Wars Fanatic

Haunted Legos Welcome to Spookytown, population 5

Welcome to Spookytown, population: 5. Photo #51 by Pascal

lego ninja b&w The Ninjas only work at night

The Ninjas only work at night. Photo #52 by jonathanb1989

anti-halloween amongst the flowers

One of those who is anti-Halloween, instead amongst the flowers. Photo #53 by Johnson Cameraface

Lego Star Wars lightsaber

Three guesses who I’m dressed as, and the first two don’t count. Photo #54 by jonathanb1989

Happy Halloween!  Lego monsters, Necromancer, zombies, pumpkin-head

Zombie Andrew, Zombie Josh, pumpkin-head Eddie (aka the disembodied head of Linus Bohman), and Necromancer Nathan join classic monsters to wish all of our readers a very happy Halloween from The Brothers Brick! Photo #55 by Andrew Becraft

Frankenstein square dance

Square dance anyone? Nah, let’s do the Monster Mash! Photo #56 by Kristina Alexanderson

Lego Monster Mash. Happy ha-ha-ha Halloween. #57 by CaptainBulldog

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