Live Dangerously & Ride the Lightning! [45 Wicked Pics]

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Whammo! Zap! Strike! Yikes! Live Dangerously — Ride the Lightning! Spring is nearly here in the U.S. which means rain, but sometimes the rain doesn’t sweep in nice and gentle. Sometimes storms are wicked dangerous. One thing most all of us have in common worldwide is thunderstorms and the lightning that comes with those storms. The National Weather Service reports more than 3,000 deaths a year from lightning strikes, with 4-5 times many more people injured by lightning. Yet we are spellbound, staring at the awesome scary power of lightning. Some photographers are great at capturing that split second of nature’s zapping fury. Here are 45 wicked pics of lightning. We love these pics!

Lightning - Living Dangerously

Lightning – Living Dangerously. Photo #1 by TED

Lightning over Australia

Lightning over Australia. Photo #2 by Paul Hocksenar

Lightning – a stormy field. Photo #3 by Luis Argerich

Lightnings in Bacius forest

Lightning over Baciu’s forest in Romania. Photo #4 by Camil Tulcan

Lightning creates Midsummer Night’s Dream. Photo #5 by Jose Pedro

Lightning strikes light up the bow of USS Abraham Lincoln

Lightning strikes light up the bow of USS Abraham Lincoln. U.S. Navy Photo #6 by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Aaron Ansarov

Toronto thunderstorm - lightning

Toronto thunderstorm – lightning. Photo #7 by John R Southern


Charleston Blues – Lightning over Charleston, South Carolina. Photo #8 by TED

Nature vs man - Spain Lightning

Nature vs man – Spain Lightning. Photo #9 by TimOve

Captured lightning

Captured lightning over Hermosillo, Mexico. Photo #10 by José Eugenio Gómez Rodríguez

Lightning in the desert

Lightning in the desert. Photo #11 by Greg McCown

Lightning on Brazil Beach

Lightning on Brazil Beach. Photo #13 by Luiz Henrique Assunção

Rainbow with lightening over Kawana Island

Rainbow with lightning over Kawana Island. Photo #14 by thinboyfatter

Finding Earth - lightning

Finding Earth. More than 750 lightning strikes pierced the Sydney sky over two hours this night. Photo #15 by Ben Bishop

Fireworks in the Lightning Storm

Fireworks in the Lightning Storm. Photo #16 by Trey Ratcliff

Highway 52 Storm Cell - Two and a Half Minutes Lightning Strikes

Highway 52 Storm Cell – Two and a Half Minutes of Lightning Strikes. Photo #17 by Bo Insogna,

into the storm

Into the storm. Photo #18 by James Clear

Lightning Darwin Australia

Lightning – Darwin, Australia. Photo #19 by Mark Silva

Lightning in Campinas

Lightning in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. Photo #20 by Chaval Brasil

Toronto lightning and tower

Toronto lightning and tower. Photo #21 by Sam Javanrouh

Lightning Show in Nevada

Lightning Show in Nevada. Photo #22 by Roadsidepictures

Lightning storm over Berlin

Lightning storm over Berlin. Photo #23 by Matt Biddulph

Lightning, Morro Bay

Lightning, Morro Bay, California. Photo #24 by marlin harms

Hell is about to break loose - lightning

Hell is about to break loose. Photo #25 by Jay Lee

Electric Loop - lightning storm in Chicago

Electric Loop – lightning storm in Chicago. Photo #26 by discopalace

Night Thunderstorm  Lightning

Night Thunderstorm. Photo #28 by Louis Vest

Summer Storm in Saragossa

Summer Storm in Saragossa, Spain. Photo #29 by Paulo Brandao

Lightning, Switzerland

Lightning in Switzerland. Photo #30 by Alexandre Pizzera

Touchdown Brisbane Lightning

Touchdown Brisbane. Photo #31 by Matthew Stewart

~ Single Double Strike ~  lightning

Single Double Strike lightning. Photo #32 by ViaMoi

Multiple cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud lightning strokes during night-time. Observed during night-time thunderstorm. Photo #33 by C. Clark / NOAA Central Library; OAR/ERL/National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL)

yikes lightning strike

Yikes lightning strike! Photo #34 by mark coldren

Shellharbour; Lightning

Lightning over Shellharbour, Australia. Photo #35 by Steven (The Waterboy)

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla - lightning

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla! Photo #36 by Luis Argerich

1.21 JiggaWatts - lightning

1.21 JiggaWatts! Photo #37 by Mike Behnken

Lightning – lights are from Hampton Roads Tunnel, Norfolk, Virgina. Photo #38 by Matthew Sullivan

Ride the Lightning

Ride the Lightning. Photo #39 by Owen Zammit

Prairie Lightning Storm

Prairie Lightning Storm. Photo #40 by Rachel Patterson

Electrical storm over Brisbane

Electrical storm over Brisbane, Australia. Photo #41 by Richard Fisher

Lightning Over Athens

Lightning Over Athens – the end is near! Photo #42 by mark coldren

Lightning week

Lightning week. Photo #43 by erissiva

Twin lightnings

Twin lightnings. Photo #44 by Alberto Jaspe

twas a dark and stormy night

Twas a dark and stormy night. Photo #45 by David

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